My sewing series is rooted in a push and pull, simultaneously embracing and disengaging with expectations of traditional roles and ideas. My grandmothers spent hours sewing, embroidering, crocheting, knitting and darning, and I parallel that hard work with my own. I create my own “fabric” in the series by using my plant archetypes to create repeating patterns and I use bits and pieces of sewing pattern paper. It’s my version of sewing with my own peculiar rules and standards.

Bits and Pieces I
Sewing Class
Bits and Pieces II
Sewing Strips No. 2
Sewing Strips No. 1
Hem and Haw III
Hem and Haw II
Veil No. 5
Doily No. 4
Lace No. 7
1970 No. 1
Pattern No. 2
On the Bias No. 2
Sew Sew
Spring Stitches I
Pattern No.1
Spring Stitches II
Lace No. 1
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