While humans consider the idea of a border a concrete concept, one country ending and another beginning, the organic and ephemeral in life pay no attention. Outside my panoramic, 8x40’ windows I see the US and Mexico, impossible to decipher where one ends and the other begins. The weather rolls through and up the mountainous terrain also ignorant of the border. Birds fly across, I suspect even rest on the fence that governments acknowledge as the border. And the weather forecast is the same, whether you hear it in Spanish or in English, the storm doesn’t really care. New Tierra is about those organic forces and ephemeral conditions as they navigate seamlessly through this border town.
The Yellow Lining
Check the Depth Meter
Handcrafted Obstacle
X Marks the Spot
Uncertain Forecast
The Bridge is Under Construction
Focus on the Horizon
Lacuna 1
Spring Stitches IV
Spring Stitches V
Junction 2
Clover Cloud
Lacuna 5
Lacuna 4
Lacuna 3
Lacuna 2
Coming to a Rest
Be Twined
Atmospheric Pressure
Precipitation 2
Precipitation 1
Rolling Through 3
Otay 1
Otay 2
Otay 3
Carried Away
The Storm Doesn't Care 3
The Storm Doesn't Care 1
The Storm Doesn't Care 6
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