I am attracted to printmaking as a vehicle for artistic expression because of its relative immediateness in comparison to my painting process, as well as the addition of the unknown involved in the mechanical process of the actual printing. There is no concrete predictability or certainty with printing. Sometimes you get what you think you wanted, and other times you get something you want much more. The interaction of the ink, the plate, the paper and the press surprise and delight me, and continue to pull at my creative curiosity. I frequently work on one plate over and over, leaving the ink residues to build and create a history. I explore monotypes and intaglios as well as woodcuts, and I frequently use woodcut blocks as panels for my encaustic paintings.

Aerology I
Stitches Sewn X
Stitches Sewn V
Zipper 4
Zipper 2
Zipper 1
Zipper 3
Cotyledon 9
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Parasol III
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