Amber George

My work is a visual and increasingly literal patchwork quilt containing little and big pieces of myself and the archetypal imagery developed over the course of my practice.

Within the paintings are vintage bed sheets, impressions of doilies, sewing patterns, monotypes, written words, photographic imagery, visual memories, drawings and patterns that have been informed by plants, landscapes, mistaken glimpses or personal items. I am attracted to bold shapes, dissected compositions and patterns. The balance between organic and order is a broad theme across my work and informs both structural and subjective decisions.

I live in a border town where American and Mexican traditions, language and values blend, merge and sometimes conflict. This environment is emblematic of my internal life and struggle, where my creative ideas blend, merge and conflict with each other in what has become a full and very busy life as a painter, educator, wife and now mother. I’ve never felt more at home.